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San Antonio Chimney Cleaning ServiceAre you not enjoying your fireplace because your chimney needs to be cleaned? Here at Alamo Chimney Sweepers we can clean even the most difficult chimney by using state of the art technology as well as traditional tools. You can trust our experienced and qualified staff to service and maintain one of the most integral aspects of your home.

When should a chimney be cleaned?

It is important to have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning not only eliminates bad odors from your chimney, but it improves draft, which in turn, improves the efficiency of your fireplace and any appliances your chimney services.

Cleaning also removes dangerous creosote deposits that can build up in your chimney. These deposits can potentially ignite causing damage to your chimney and possibly your home

It might sound simple, but chimney sweeping is a detailed process that requires an expert’s care to be done right, and it’s key to keeping your chimney functioning and your home and family safe.

Is chimney cleaning messy?

We use the very latest in professional chimney cleaning equipment including specially designed, high velocity vacuum systems. We carefully cover all surfaces and furnishings within our work area of your home to ensure that we maintain the area mess free.

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