San Antonio Chimney Crown Repair Services

San Antonio Chimney Crown Repair Services

San Antonio Chimney Crown Repair ServicesA chimney crown is an essential part to the chimney because it acts as a shield and first line of defense against weather related deterioration. The crown is built on top of the chimney and designed so water can easily run off, instead of collecting on top.

When Do You Need a Chimney Crown Repair?

When the piece of concrete at the top of your chimney becomes cracked or damaged, it can no longer protect the structure below it. Once your chimney begins to disintegrate and cracks, serious damage can befall on your entire chimney.

Chimney crown repair includes crown coat or crown replacement. Completing crown coat repair avoids water penetration that might happen through the top of the chimney, conserving significant restoration expenses.

It’s not always apparent when your chimney crown is damaged, especially because water can enter from small holes and cracks. Because chimney problems can manifest themselves as roofing problems, homeowners often mistakenly call a roofer to fix their chimney.

Without prompt repair work, your structure or structure could fail, potentially triggering damage to your home. As soon as mortar starts to degrade, it can transform into a far more expensive job involving chimney repair, sometimes including brick replacement or a totally new restore.

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