San Antonio Smoke Chamber Parging Service

San Antonio Smoke Chamber Parging Service

San Antonio Smoke Chamber Parging ServiceThe smoke chamber is the sloping section of the fireplace above the damper and below the first flue tile. Typically, the sides and front of the smoke chamber slope while the back is vertical. Most often we have to reline the flue or repair the firebox but the smoke chamber gets overlooked.

In this area the smoke and hot gasses gather before they are sucked up the flue and outside the chimney. If this area has any gaps or breaks or is damaged in any way, it could potentially keep those gasses in the chamber, allowing them to come back into the home and not up the flue.

Parging a smoke chamber is the process of making sure the inside surfaces are sealed with a layer of mortar to close off any breaks or gaps so nothing escapes anywhere except up the flue.

If you use your fireplace or appliance on regular basis, we strongly recommend cleaning of the chimney flue at least once a year during annual chimney inspection. Our staff here at Alamo Chimney Sweepers is well trained and qualified to inspect or clean your chimney and to identify any potential problems.

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