San Antonio Fireplace Safety

Chimney Fire Prevention

A chimney fire may not sound like much of a risk or much of a problem. After all, the chimney is well insulated. It may seem unlikely that the fire will get to the rest of the house if it even gets started in the first place. But dirty chimneys are susceptible to fires that, at their worst, can destroy homes and kill the inhabitants.Chimney fires can catch on explosively, shooting flames and dense smoke out the top. Or they can be slow-burning and barely noticeable until they’ve gotten hot enough to damage the chimney irreparably and even catch your house on fire.

Get Regular, Professional Cleaning

Layers of soot and creosote put you at risk for a chimney fire. They also constrict the chimney’s area, making it more difficult for the air flow to set up properly. Even half an inch of buildup can restrict the air flow by 15 to 30%, depending on the size of the chimney. A professional chimney sweep can fix this and can also install a chimney cap to prevent birds from nesting in the top.

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